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Atlanta Paper Shredding is your premier choice for any residential or commercial shredding need. With an  alliance of document shredding professionals you get a multitude of services to ensure that your documents, electronics, and medical waste are disposed of in a secure and discreet way.
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About Atlanta Paper Shredding

There is nothing that is more important to us than the proper document shredding for homes and businesses in Atlanta. There are hundreds of stories a year of documents that are not properly shredded causing thousands of people to be vulnerable to identity theft. Don't lose your identity to an unwieldy thief, get your documents shredded by an Atlanta mobile shredding truck or by with one of our off site Atlanta document shredding partners. 

We also partner with companies that specialize in electronics recycling and medical waste disposal in the Atlanta area. Electronics are hard to get rid of and can be VERY toxic to the environment. So much so that many states like Georgia and cities like Atlanta have laws forbidding you from throwing electronics waste into the trash or landfills. 

If you are looking for a shredding company in Atlanta, our shredding partners are HIPAA and FACTA compliant to ensure that all local laws and regulations are being followed. For more information about Atlanta based shredding, electronics recycling or medical waste services, please feel free to give us a call at (404) 592-5113 or fill out the form to the right. Our staff of Atlanta shredding and destruction professionals can answer any questions that you may have.

Atlanta Paper Shredding Service

Atlanta Shredding Services Near Me

  • Mobile shredding - A shredding truck comes to your business and destroys your confidential materials at your location.

  • Off-site shredding - Trucks pick up your material and then shred it at a secure shredding facility. 

  • Route Service - Daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled shredding service is available. Secure, locking shred bins are provided at no charge.

  • Purge Service - For those requiring annual, one-time, or occasional shredding service, we recommend a specially priced purge program.

  • Certified Service - No matter how you shred you receive a Certificate of Destruction.

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